We are a Vietnamese inspired cafe/restauarnt with traditional and new interpretations of delicious Vietnamese dishes. Our aim is to serve fresh honest food with everything made from scratch. We use good Irish suppliers like FXB and Firehouse Bakery. We have a lot of Vegan options and try to be environmentally aware in all elements of our business…

Rice Paper Rolls

Summer Rolls packed full of spicy cooked meats, fresh crunchy veg and the most fragrant fresh herbs this side of Hanoi, each with individual homemade dipping sauce. This is Pang, a creative modernisation of a delicious traditional Vietnamese snack with a flavour explosion in each bite and delight in each dip.


This Vietnamese classic has taken the world by storm and is one of the most popular sandwiches in recent history. Crusty bread, spicy meat, sour pickles, fiery mayo, fresh herbs, crispy onions and a longtime love affair. Spicy, sweet, sour, it’s got the perfect balance.


Traditional noodle soup with chicken or veg. Flavoured with charred ginger, onions, slow-cooked star anise, fresh coriander, mint, sweet basil and lime juice. A healthy broth-based soup with a deliciously addictive clean flavour with all the Vietnamese favourites.


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Vegan – Gluten Free Options

We serve our own delicious interpretation of Vietnamese food. We are inspired by the wonderful balance of salty, sour, sweet, fragrant Vietnamese cooking styles. We adapt that idea to our small menu and try deliver great honest food served as quickly as possible. Our Banh Mi is now our main focus as its popularity grows by the week. We serve Vegan options of all our dishes….



“Fabulous new healthy food concept on Kevin street. The quality and flavour of the food is sensational. The rice paper rolls are so unique and the ingredients are fabulous.”

“Fantastic lunch deal, great tasting rice paper rolls with a variety of options to choose from! Having never liked the taste of kale before in my life, I’ll absolutely be returning for the kale slaw side, so yummy and healthy! Great addition to the area”

“Just had a sumptuous meal in new Pang restaurant on Kevin Street. Sauce that came with sweet potato rice roll was SOO good. Vegan pho soup delicious, give it a good stir cos the flavours as you go down the bowl are gorgeous. We’ll be back!


Contact us

Unit 2, 6-11 College Court,
Kevin Street Lower,
Dublin 8


Call: (01) 563 8702
Mail: info@lovepang.ie

Opening hours


We have 18 covers so we don’t take reservations. We try use the best ingredients we can afford to make the freshest honest food we can. We give good big portions and we would rather rectify any mistakes in house on the night than to receive any negative ratings in the aftermath so please be open and engaging with our staff for your satisfaction…